Konic , a company created for the purpose of permanent innovation, combining Oxer originality, novel material with excellent performance, with a design understood as functional art and incorporating the latest LED technology of the lighting concept . Adapting to our models of LED lighting systems gives us more freedom to create designs , while allowing us to optimize energy consumption and to  provide multiple technical benefits  derived from the progress  of this technology.

Konic emerges as an ambitious and international project, offering its designs and own style inspired by simple organic shapes and textures that were born from the earth within the scope of  their natural transformation processes,  ritual art and cultural diversity . Konic creates environmental friendly  decorative lighting spaces allowing easy architectural integration, showing a wide variety of shapes and lighting applications understood as a harmonic whole , points of light that are references in the space of the night and decorative elements during the day. Night light, day art.


Perseverance and teamwork effort allow us to present our innovative project  that is aware and open to technological advances and to more imaginative creative trends .

Our designs particularly value the artistic and symbolic conception but they are very aware of their functional purpose trying to be efficient in each of the applications for which they are designed.

Creativity, work, art and technology are values ​​we strive with perseverance and balance.